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PRODUCTION ARTS UAL DIPLOMA/EXTENDED in Design for Theatre, Film and TV. Level 3

Diploma Students-Joker by Rory Webley above

Diploma Students- Smoke by the band Outline above

Jack Strauber by Phoebe Kearl above

Grace Mackintosh- Own song and video above

Phoebe Kearl –Suburbia Overture by Will Woods above

Abbie Rayner-West- Dad’s best friend by Rubberbandits


Over my two years on the course, I learned a whole range of skills and became especially suited to working in a creative environment that provided lots of industry practise. -Abbie Rayner- West

This course has lots of very experienced tutors and fantastic facilities that suits learning about all parts of the industry and developing our skills and specialisms. -Liv Fowler

I've really enjoyed my time on the course, I've experienced a lot of new ways of working and I've experimented with materials that are out of my comfort zone. -Abbie Williams

Over the two years I have learned a lot but most importantly I have become my true self, everyone is so different and you can be whoever you want to be.- Elsa Paja

This course has helped me develop my creative skills and explore new areas within theatre film and art -Nellie Lovelock Smith.

Over the two years I've learnt a range of skills that will be a great base to help me within the industry. - Olivia Craddock

It's a great course to do, even if just for one year, before you're 19 I did it between more traditional ‘A’ levels and university. All of the projects involve lots of practical work designing and making. You have the opportunity to work in groups individually with actors and directors and even with people from outside college and in the industry. It gives you experience of working professionally whilst being really fun, making friends and having a lot of creative freedom.- Clodagh West

This course has been really fun and I've enjoyed it a lot. Throughout I have learned many new skills and become very good at working collaboratively. I was able to try many things I have never experimented with before and would highly recommend this course. - Amy button

This course has given me the space to develop my skills in designing and making. It's really fun and I have really enjoyed collaborating with the others on my course. -Rose Locke

I LOVED this course! Its genuinely the first form of education that has really helped me grow. I've been encouraged to try things out of my usual range. Before this course I’d have been too intimidated to make a music video and now I’ve made two!- Phoebe Kearl.

This course has so much freedom for most forms of art and gives you the opportunity to collaborate and explore creativity.- Max Tenoski-fenn.

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