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Level 3 Diploma

Our first year actors have been working hard during these unprecedented times exploring remote opportunities for performance. They have been innovative, resourceful and determined. I am proud and inspired by their resilience and creativity. 

These young adults have written their own scripts, sourced current verbatim material, devised physical theatre and brought to life existing scripts. They have rehearsed, devised, filmed and edited all material themselves. 

Final Projects

Click on images for videos

Oli Quin

This new piece was created and written entirely during lock down by Alice Norton, devised and filmed by the group and edited by Dan Marchant. (Alice Norton, Dan Marchant, Abbey Coyler)

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Collaborating across three countries, (UK, Norway and Belgium) This piece was researched, sourced, written, devised, developed and filmed entirely by the group. (Robert McCoskey, Rosie, Edmunds, Mina Strom and Maita Schep.)

Clarke’s Obsession & You Obsession:


These two short monologues explore the theme of obsession. Clarke’s obsession has been written and performed by Jake Christopher, You (developed  by Greg Berlanti and Sara Gamble) rehearsed, performed, filmed and edited by Jake Christopher.

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Clarke's Obsession
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You Obsession
Copy of The Perils of Piracy Thumbnail.p

The Perils of Piracy


This one man triumph was written, rehearsed, filmed and edited by Oliver Browne (with the help of some family extra’s). (Oliver Browne.) 



Based on the play Chaos by Laura Lomas, this group rehearsed, developed character and filmed scenes using a range of online resources. All material has been rehearsed,  filmed and edited by the group. Edited by Rosa Yates and Beth Hatton. (Rosa Yates, Bethany Hatton, Oliver Hollingsworth, Lucie Cathcart.)

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