Hair & Make-Up For Theatre

& Media

BA Degree

Do you love doing make-up? Whether it is your own, or a friends? Do you love creating not only beautiful, imaginative or theatrical characters? Do you watch films and find yourself being distracted by the incredible make-up on a fantasy like Harry Potter? Or the beautifully styled wigs on Downton Abbey.

A Degree in Hair & Make-up for Theatre and media could be the right course for you.

We are a 3 year full time BA (Hons) course.

We are a practical lead course, and believe that the best way for you to learn is to teach you to the standard the industry requires. We explore the latest methods and materials. We teach you to build and perfect your basic skills, whilst working on projects which allow you to get the nearest experience to working in the industry. We actively look for work experience and encourage all our students right from the very first day of study to do the same.

Examples of work experience our students have undertaken are:


So if you think you might be interested in spending the next 3 years with us, please get in touch or arrange a visit.

The digital exhibition is based on ‘Maximalism’ from our final year of the Degree in Hair & Make-up, and is in memory of the course founder Amanda Burns.

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Amanda Burns


‘Maximalism is a celebration of excess and redundancy, where “more is more” takes precedence over its widely known sibling, “less is more”…’

Rhiannon Claire McBean

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“And one day the process will be finished, the waiting will be over, and you will leave the dark, confusing, yet in some ways beautiful, chrysalis of this life, and you will be fully and finally transformed.” – Philippians 3:12

Margherita Fabbro

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"There was a rumour going around that the Cockettes were seen everywhere but at rehearsal. They were just enjoying partying and being the hottest guys in town."

(Diana Vreeland) 

Elisha Dring

“I like capturing stuff that is disappearing - that’s the point of photography. What I am photographing is an imaginary place that never existed, but is connected to something that has already been.” - Tim Walker (Charlotte Sinclair, June 2008 )

Izzy Milne

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“Rococo, characterized by elegance, levity, floral motifs, muted colours, and curving, asymmetrical lines” - (Lebowitz, 2018)

Ava Coburn

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"I must have flowers, always, always."


Lucy Forde

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"Good and evil are so close as to be chained together in the soul"

Robert Louis Stevenson

Teri Jones

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“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” – Paul Klee
I interpreted my internal being through makeup, making it visible to the world.

Saphron Morgan

“I know the world that I am painting is not a reality. It is a whim, an entertainment to provoke something in people, whether as escapism or relief. I think that is very valid.” - Tim Walker


Corset made by: Coming up Roses (IG: @redrosefollow)

Emily Jane Packman

“…re-affirming Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…minimalism and maximalism define two extremes along the design spectrum…while these may be considered aesthetic opposites, both seek to challenge perception, and as forms of expression, they serve as indicators of the sociocultural and economic zeitgeist of the given time period.” (Museum at FIT, 2019)

Meghan Gabriel

Kintsugi, the art of mending broken objects with gold inspires us to embrace our struggles and repair ourselves with love. We become more beautiful for having been broken.