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Graphic Design & Illustration

Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma

This Graphic Design & Illustration course is for students looking to pursue a specialist career in the creative industries by supporting and encouraging them to develop the necessary industry relevant skills, knowledge and understanding. From a broad-based introduction to the subject, students have the opportunity to explore the specialist areas of: illustration, advertising, packaging, concept art, typography, logo design, branding, design for print and digital design, developing and refining their practice and building a portfolio of creative work to support progression into Higher Education or employment.


In this digital exhibition, we are celebrating the work of our Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma Graphic Design & Illustration students, who, in their time on the course, have demonstrated commitment, developing and extending their creativity, which they have continued to do this whilst working remotely for over two months during lockdown. Their endeavours are showcased here for you to see. We are very proud of them and what they have achieved and we hope you will enjoy looking at their work. 

The Level 3 Graphic Design & Illustration Teaching Team.

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Student Work - Year 2

Ariella Romanov Von Reuss

Abbie Moore

Akila Wickremarchiechie

Charlie Shanks