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Games Design | Level 1 & 2

UAL Diploma  
Creative Media Production & Technology

Welcome to the level 1 and level 2 games development page, if you are here you no doubt have an interest in the making of video games. This is an exciting time to be investing yourself into learning industry skills to enable you to pursue a career within the world of game development.

At level 1 we introduce you to the basic concepts that are involved in making games. We have a mix of theory and practical tasks that will enable you to show your skills off by making basic games right from day one, the projects are designed to give you the confidence to progress to level 2.

At level 2 we do not presume that you have any prior knowledge of game design and like Level 1 you are introduced to the processes and methods of game design and production using industry tools and Software, you will be able to create games that you design and let your friends play them.


The skills that you gain will give you an advantage when progressing to level 3 where you can gain even more skills preparing you for your future within the gaming industry.

Displayed on this page is a sample showreel and images of learners from both level 1 and level 2. This is all original student work and shows great accomplishment by dedicated students that are focused on achieving their goals.

Both the Level 1 and Level 2 have been uniquely designed to enable you to also gain your GCSE English and Maths alongside the games course, this is in line with the government directive and will help towards gaining a place on a higher education course, should you choose to continue after the level 3 course.

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