Costume &

Set Design

Costume for Performance and Film

& Production for Stage and Screen

BA Degree

Welcome to a celebration of our students’ achievements, we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

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Our very special thanks to Photographers Megan Farmer, Megan Lush and Luca Gartland-Jones, (Dan Moore backgrounds, The tempest) and our Videographers, Cameron Meechan and Laura Colamonaco.
A huge personal thanks to my extraordinary teaching partners, Jane Grimshaw and Ralph Hinton.

Janey Gardiner

Program Lead

Costume for Performance & Film

Production for Stage & Screen

2nd Year Students

Jackie Bennett
Lauren Watt
Rachel Matthews

1st Year Students

Laura Colamonaco
Iwona Burzynska
Jazz Kirkland
Sarah Chacksfield
Tilly Cooper

Alumni Testimonial

Naomi Overton

My name is Naomi and I graduated from Northbrook College in 2016 with a degree in theatre arts specialising in costume design and realisation. The course has helped me greatly in order to pursue my career in costume and I couldn’t have asked for better tutors who gave me the support and inspiration to achieve my goals. I was able to get the hands on, one to one learning during my time at Northbrook and I have gained valuable skills and knowledge to enable me to work within the arts industry and become a freelance worker. I was able to experiment with ideas working closely with other students from within different departments which has immensely helped me progress throughout my journey in the industry so far. 
I would not be where I am now, with the experience under my belt, fantastic connections in the industry and with the future prospects ahead of me and I am grateful for all of this and the journey I have professionally been on since graduating, which is all thanks to my unforgettable time at Northbrook and the staff who have supported me. 
“The course has given me the skills, the support and inspiration to pursue my career in theatre and to try new
roles/jobs without being scared to make the next jump up or in a different direction in order to progress in this
vibrant journey within costume.”